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Bnai Israel and Fleischmanns

From Bnai Israel, Fleischmanns:

There is a Jewish cemetery about a mile away from the synagogue on old Route 28. We have a good number of ex members who are buried there, and one of the notables is Gertrude Berg, whose stage name was Molly Goldberg.

She was a radio, and then television, star, and was one of the first people to create a sitcom. In 1949, Berg’s long-running radio show, The Goldbergs, which she created, wrote, and starred in, became a TV show on CBS. For clips from a documentary about Berg, click here.   Her father was a member of the synagogue, they had a house in Fleischmanns. They ran a small hotel, and she entertained there; it’s where she got her start. She's buried in our cemetery with her parents.

For a great BBC article about Berg follow this link:

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